Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

Weather Station Davis Vantage VUE
Firmware Version 3.0
Console battery 4.63
Transmitter battery condition 1-ok 2-ok 3-ok 4-ok 5-ok 6-ok 7-ok 8-ok
Transmitter battery condition 0 (1 if there is an error, 0 if not).
Latest error
Latest error date ------
Total Packets Received 20013
Total Packets Missed 456
Number of resynchs 0
Maximum packets in a row 315
Number of CRC errors 132

Operating System Unix
System Up-time 46 days 23 hours
CPU Temp 140.3
This website uses CumulusMX (3.21.2-b3206) for weather conditions reporting.
New Build Available 0 (1=yes, 0=no).
It was last started 8 days 4 hours.

Data as of 16:10 on 02 October 2022
Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
10/02/2022 4:13pm
CumulusMX realtime Current 0:00:01 10/02/2022 4:13pm
CumulusMX FTP Current 0:03:14 10/02/2022 4:10pm
CumulusMX weather data Current 0:03:28 10/02/2022 4:10pm
CumulusMX NOAA report Current 16:13:08 10/02/2022 12:00am